Kickstop LockGuard

Kickstop LockGuard 


  • A LockGuard is used to reinforce and strengthen a wooden door around a traditional UK lever, euro profile or oval profile cylinder mortice lock.
  • Fitting a mortice lock involves removing wood and this leaves a very weakened area around the lock.  The Door Reinforcer plates are bolted together through the door and so clamp the door and lock together.
  • This provides much needed additional strength to resist a 'kick-in' attack and and help avoid forced entry and burglary.
  • Part of the the LockGuard is visible from outside and this provides an excellent visual deterrent to help persuade the intruder to 'go elsewhere'


 The Kickstop Lockguards

The DeadlockGuard is for use with a mortice deadlock

The Kickstop SashlockGuard is for use with a mortice sashlock